aAPC target the naïve and memory T cell repertoire, which has already undergone central tolerance, minimizing the potential for on-target, off-tissue auto-immunity.

Individual aAPC can be loaded with specific antigens and mixed as multiple tumor-specific antigen cocktails. This approach is designed to maximize polyclonal and cytotoxic T cell activity and minimize the possibility of tumor escape.


aAPC engage directly with targeted T cell receptors. They don’t require processing and presentation by host Dendritic Cells, nor do they require manipulation of the natural T cell genome.


aAPC stimulation of naïve and memory T cell repertoire results in robust, persistent anti-tumor activity and immunologic memory through generation of both Teffector and Tcentral memory populations.


Because aAPC are synthetic, they cannot be down-regulated by tumor or reprogrammed within the tumor micro-environment (TME).


Mechanistically, aAPC can work in combination to complement other immunotherapeutic approaches that seek to break tolerance at the site of the tumor (CPIs, TKIs.)


Flexibility and “off-the-shelf” components provide a rapid path to new design and production – novel aAPC-based products can enter clinical testing within months of design.