Broad applications and product opportunity for the AIM™ Technology and artificial Antigen Presenting Cells (aAPC).

As a platform, the AIM technology has broad application across multiple therapeutic areas, including Oncology, AutoImmune and Infectious Diseases, with pre-clinical Proof of Concept supported by multiple peer-reviewed publications across each. The Company’s lead product candidate, AIM ACT, is expected to begin Phase I clinical trials in 2019.


AIM ACT is an adoptive cellular therapy that employs para-magnetic nanoparticle aAPC to stimulate and expand antigen-specific CD8+ T cells obtained from a patient/donor leukopheresis.

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AIM 101

AIM 101 is an injectable therapeutic of aAPC nano-particles decorated with tumor-specific antigens and anti-CD28 stimulatory molecules.

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Future Applications

There are future therapeutic and diagnostic product and partnering opportunities for the AIM technology in multiple therapeutic areas.

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