The AIM Adoptive Cellular therapy product is manufactured by using an AIM™ nanoparticle cocktail that contains multiple tumor-specific antigens and the AIM™ Enrichment and Expansion system. Combined, this propriety approach delivers a consistent number of high quality CD8+ antigen specific T cells of central and effector memory phenotype within 14 days optimized for both maximal and durable response.

The AIM™ ACT (ex vivo) cellular therapy contains cells expressing T cell receptors with a range of specific antigen affinities which maximize therapeutic potential through both polyclonality and polyfunctionality. The system is designed to generate CD8+ T cells that are licensed for killing, homing, the recruitment of other cells and memory formation- mimicking the natural immune system.

The AIM™ nanoparticle (ex vivo) cocktails are comprised of multiple tumor associated antigens using several epitopes for each antigen. Epitopes are unique regions of 9-11 amino acids within an antigen and are capable of eliciting an immunological response. Generating T cells that target multiple epitopes enhances the killing effect and contributes to an additional positive effect known as epitope spread, minimizing immune escape.